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    Our Range
  • Our Range
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Our Range

We haven't adopted your standard one-brand-fits-all-approach, because one brand never can. Kathy and Mark have curated the full range of hair care products we use and recommend, so Crown clients can benefit from their depth and breadth of experience. Any chemical process has an impact, of course.

What we do for our clients’ hair is always about striking a healthy balance between gentleness, the stability of the colour and the health of your hair. Every product has been chosen because it works, and it's the best for the job. Pretty much everything we use in the salon, you can purchase to take home. To us, this just makes sense. 


Crown Hair Gift Voucher

Purchase a gift voucher to Crown Hair to the value of your choice! Give us a call to pay over the phone or email us and pick up in-store. You can also have the voucher shipped to you but at your own cost xxx

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Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin is a bold and passionate hair colourist based in Paris. Using natural ingredients, he makes a luxe home hair care range specifically designed to protect the fibre of colour treated hair. 

Christophe Robin shampoos, conditioners and treatments are formulated to nourish, moisturise and protect hair from the wearing effects of coloured treatments. These PH balanced and ecocertified products are just superb and we are proud to be one of the first salons to stock them in Australia. Order Now

Christophe Robin does something for hair with natural ingredients that nobody else seems to be able to do. Each product is based around natural elements like prickly pear and lavender oil and wheat germ, so there are no unnecessary chemicals and your hair feels incredible. 

From my point of view, as Head Colourist, it's my hero product. I’ve always been impressed at the restorative effect Christophe Robin products have on the hair after colour and the longevity of that quality. They simply work like nothing else”.  Kathy Gilbert, Head Colourist, Crown Hair


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Slip into something more comfortable! 

If looking after your hair and skin while you sleep is something that you’ve been seemingly unable to achieve, Slip is here to change that. Slip’s pillowcases will help bed head become a thing of the past. Cotton pillowcases draw moisture from your hair and will assist in preventing knotting and breakage, as well as keeping longevity in your blow dry. Starting the see the effects of years gone by a little more clearly when you wake up in the morning?

While Slip won’t allow you to hop into a time machine, it will allow your skin to retain moisture and helps prevent sleep creases which deepen over time. Made from the highest grade long fiber Mulberry silk, Slip pillowcases and sleep masks are created with the strictest quality guidelines and with non toxic fibres. 

Sleep tight with Slip….

Pillow cases and eye masks available in caramel and black. 

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Iles Formula

Wendy Iles has been a respected figure in the hair and beauty world for decades, and has worked with the likes of Heidi Klum, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Cate Blanchett to name a few.

A decade of research later, Wendy developed the three step hair care system that has gone from on set secret weapon to publicly adored high performance products!

Paraben free, the Iles Formula works to nourish and repair hair for a spun silk finish. 

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R+Co pools the savvy and experience of US hairstylists Howard McLaren, Garren and Thom Priano. These wise heads wanted to give something back to the industry so they formed a collective to develop a totally vegan range of products that focus on the health of the hair and scalp.

Everything they make is paraben-, sulfate-, petroleum-, gluten-, and cruelty-free. Minimally scented as well, these are clever, practical products with a conscience. R+Co is a salon-only product and we are proud to stock the complete range. Order Now

R+Co is all about styling and I love it. Every product has its speciality and does what it says so you don’t need numerous products to get the one look. As a Senior Stylist, R+Co, from basin to chair, produces fantastic results. Even the product release systems are well thought out, ensuring even delivery”.  Mark Jones, Senior stylist 

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Oribe is all about luxury and quality from the ingredients to the packaging. Oribe’s Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray is a perfect example of that.

This handbag size answer for covering up greys and roots is a brilliant solution for those needing to cover up greys and roots in between colour appointments. And there’s a colour for everyone. 

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Olaplex is a real game changer, devised by Dr Craig Hawker and Dr Eric Pressly, two clever science geeks working on polymers at the University of California, Santa Barbara. These guys took up the challenge to take an organic chemistry approach to create a product that can prevent and repair damage to the structure of the hair. 

Olaplex means we can colour more often, go lighter and double process the same day with no risk of breakage. It can go into colour or it can be applied as a stand alone treatment. It’s revolutionary, and we don’t say that lightly. We are proud to be an Olaplex registered stockist. Vive la révolution!

Have you seen the newest additions to the Olaplex range? Crown Hair is a proud stockist of Olaplex 4+5 - Shampoo and Conditioner! Find out more here

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Grandiflora Fragrance

Complimenting Crown Hair’s carefully curated salon range is the Magnolia Grandiflora collection of perfume and candles.

We adore these creations by floral artisan Saskia Havekes and French perfumers Sandrine Videault and Michel Roudnitska. Grandiflora scents and the flowers are an integral part of our salon’s ambiance. The collection boasts four distinct bouquets.

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine which evokes the first opening of a magnolia with citrus, pepper, greenery and dry wood, musk, marine, ocean and petal.

Magnolia Grandiflora Michel a rich, sensual mix of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit. It’s heart is jasmine, ylang ylang and magnolia with a hint of patchouli.

Madagascan Jasmine has jasmine at its core but is balanced with subtle green notes and threads of musk.

Grandiflora Boronia is Bertrand Duchafour's second composition for Grandiflora a unique, Australian inspired scent with Blue Chamomile and cognac, black tea, suede and Boronia at it's heart with a caramel, myrrh and driftwood base. 

Grandiflora Saskia is the interpretative essence of the store itself, capturing 25 years of magic from Saskia Havekes. It is composed by renowned perfumer Christophe Laudamiel and features ginger, pink pepper and Tasmanian Myrtle as top notes, Gardenia petals and Ylang Ylang at it's heart, and a Tasmanian Boronia Leaf and French Mimosa base. 

Queen of the Night. This captivating fragrance is of a flower that blooms for only one night a year and dies at dawn. Read more about The Grand: Grandiflora  

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Smith & Cult

From Dineh Mohajer who created Hard Candy nail varnish back in the day, Smith and Cult is a better designed product in a beautiful bottle. No nasties and it works a treat. Silky to apply and quick hard drying with both the base and top coats.

The Huffington Post reckons Smith and Cult might have the best nail polish names ever. Kings and Thieves? Bitter Buddhist? Or our favourite - Cut the mullet? It’s simply the best nail lacquer around. Try it in store or take it home. Order Now

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Redken make iconic products that have stood the test of time. Cat treatment which restores and maintains hair strength is second to none. We also use and love Shades EQ, a legendary zero-ammonia colour conditioning treatment. This is the original gloss or glaze, not one of the pretenders, and works particularly well on blonde coloured hair. Order Now


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Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano don’t mess about – they invest in what’s in the bottle, and what’s in the bottle is one of our favourite things. The Semi Di Lino Diamante Illuminating Oil is a microcrystalline treatment that’s quick and easy as. Rich in linseed oil, the ‘blue ampule’ formula transforms dull, lacklustre hair into healthy, shiny hair that looks and feels brilliant. You’ll notice the difference straight away, and we all love a bit of instant gratification, don’t we? Bravo. Order Now

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De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo is a pioneering Australian brand and our preferred trichology range. It's important to treat psoriasis, dandruff and similar conditions, and this range is the business - gentle and effective protection and relief for irritated scalps. Order Now

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Mason Pearson + YS Park Brushes

How could we call ourselves a hairdressing salon and not carry Mason Pearson?

To us, Mason Pearson is like the royal bloodline of the comb and brush family. No other brush can truly compare.

Mason Pearson hairbrushes are not mass produced. Most are handmade using techniques steeped in a long history of tradition and refined craftsmanship of more than one hundred and thirty years.

They are arguably the only true beauty investment that will last you a lifetime.

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