Skin Loving: HydroSkin

Creative entrepreneur, Parish Stapleton, popped in to Crown Hair this week to offer an exclusive taste of Kakadu Plum with a little story on who’s doing what at The Bachelor mansion.
Parish is actually the co-founder of a boutique skincare brand called HydroSkin of which the Crown team are complete converts. We use it at home, we stock it in the salon, and we highly recommend it to e-v-e-r-y-one.

Hydroskin in waterLike all our special products in our carefully curated range, this brand delivers in buckets on its promises of beautiful skin which is why we were a little excited to hear about HydroSkin’s newest addition, in the form of pure Kakadu plum extract.

“Kakadu plum has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any plant on the planet” explained Parish as he whipped out a small ampule and proceeded to trickle clear golden droplets of 100% pure extract on to our fingers. “Try it on your lips. It’s not meant specifically for your lips but try it. Within five minutes, this amazing native oil is going to increase the hydration in your skin by 78% and maintain that level of saturation for the next 10 hours”.

Now, in the world of skin care, Kakadu plum is well known for its exceptional healing and restorative properties. What is lesser known is how these benefits are often compromised, even lost, during its harvest or in a product’s construction.

The clever HydroSkin team however have sourced a lab who effectively extract those amazing properties without compromise, and have bottled it just as it is, making a completely innovative skin care product. “Nobody else sells this in its purest form. You can find diluted versions but not concentrate levels that deliver the anti-oxidising, free radical fighting benefits all the clinical trials are based on” explained Parish.

Vitamin CThis drive to find what really works to improve the health and appearance of skin has always been at the heart of the HydroSkin brand and its products confirm this over and over again with the remarkable results. It really does “keep skin looking youthful, healthy and beautiful” by keeping the production of collagen in the skin at its highest,  smoothing it and swapping out redness and age spots with a healthy skin tone while. It’s also non gender specific. Crown’s Directors, Mark and Kathy, who have very different skin have both seen amazing results as have younger members of the team.

No wonder channel Ten’s show, The Bachelor, were happy for HydroSkin to be a partner and everyone in the mansion keeps asking for more products.