ICYMI: Olaplex 4+5 is here!

Can we can an AMEN? Crown Hair is thrilled to announce that Olaplex steps 3,4+5 are now available for purchase in salon!

Crown Hair use Olaplex 1+2 in salon, either incorporated into your colour, or as a stand alone treatment. Working to repair bonds of your hair, improve the integrity and elasticity of the hair, Olaplex also reduced porosity of your hair, so colour last longer. It would be no overstatement to say that Olaplex has been a game changer in terms of what can be done with colour!

And now, with great excitement, Crown Hair proudly stocks Olaplex steps 4+5 on our shelves!

The shampoo (Step 4) works to restore internal strength and moisture to your hair, adding shine and manageability, whilst the conditioner (Step 5) repairs, hydrates and eliminates frizz without weighing down the hair.

Want to know more? Pop into Crown Hair and ask one of our stylists for more information!