We want every client to love coming to Crown Hair, which is why we offer such strong attention to detail and truly personal service.


We believe that the salon environment is an important part of the experience, so we went to great lengths to create the kind of space we hope our clients can feel at home in. 

To design the space, we collaborated with production designer and stylist, Marcella Hayward from Luckyduck Design. 

Marcella has created a space that is both elegant and practical. It is an intimate space that promotes community but also allows for privacy, the kind of space where you can set the tone for the experience you would like to have. 

Sheer and generous curtains make the space feel private and serene. The unique wallpaper and black oak floor add texture and a timeless style. On the colour side of the salon aged mirrors are hung low to cushion the time spent directly in front of the mirror. Feature lights by UK designer Lee Broom, teaware by MUD and sculptural vases by Dinosaur Designs are some of our favourite features. We take great pride in our music selection, a balanced mix of jazz, classical and contemporary artists that keep the space feeling lively but always serene. 

Crown Hair is an oasis from the frenetic Darlinghurst buzz, a calm, contemporary space that’s beautiful and soothing. You will be warmly greeted, and welcomed with tea or coffee and something sweet. 

We want every client to love coming to Crown Hair, which is why we offer a truly personal service with a strong attention to detail. We’ve designed our salon to honour and refresh our clients. Chat or chill, it’s up to you. Expect simple luxuries and comforts, and settle in for a relaxing experience