Treat Your Hair, Yeah…

As anyone knows, looking after the quality, or integrity of your hair is crucial to a good hair day, week or year. We know you’ve all heard of Olaplex by now (and if you haven’t, you had better get on page!). Crown Hair’s Director of Colour Kathy has been loving Christophe Robin’s Lavender Oil lately; read on to find out why…

Summer seems to be here to stay, which means more swimming, more sun exposure for your hair. If you’ve not already heard, Crown Hair is a huge advocate of Christophe Robin’s Lavender Oil to protect and nourish summer slammed hair.

If you’ve got a colour booked at Crown Hair anytime soon (if you’ve forgotten, you are forgiven – contact us here), then be sure to ask your colourist about applying Lavender Oil to your hair at your appointment. This will add an extra element of nourishment to your hair.

If you’ve got a beach or pool day planned, Lavender Oil has SPF 6, so will help protect your hair from sun damage. Lavender Oil will help prevent salt water and chlorine damage and give your hair plenty of love and TLC to get through all the beach days your heart desires.

How to get the best results? Heat your bottle of Lavender Oil under hot water to soften, or heat it up in your hands. Apply to dry hair, and work into your hairline, lengths and ends. Brush through to penetrate hair and evenly distribute – Christophe Robin’s Boar Bristle Brushes are great for this.

If you’re looking for some serious TLC treatment on hair that is screaming SOS, apply as above and leave on as long as one hour, to overnight. This is best followed by Christophe’s Lemon Cleansing Mask.


Check out the video below for more on how to get the best out of Lavender Oil


(Cover image courtesy of Christophe Robin Instagram)