Feeling Rosy

Looking to create effortless looking volume for your hair? Need something that nourishes, protects your colour and contains ingredients that only have your hairs best interests? Crown Hair only have rosy feelings in our heart for Christophe Robin’s Rose Volumizing range! Read on to find out more

Crown Hair know how difficult it can be to create volume in hair that just won’t rise to the occasion. Never mind finding something that has the condition of your hair as a top priority. Say hello to Christophe Robin’s Volumizing range. Crown Hair have previously placed a spotlight on our love for the Rose Volumizing Paste, which you can re-acquaint yourself with here . Crown Hair loves that you can now purchase all three products in this range in a handy pack, perfect for gifting to yourself or someone you love. Roses, but perhaps not as you know them!

What is included in the packs? The Rose Volumizing Paste, rich in Rassoul Clay and rose extracts; the paste forms a light foam to promote density at the roots of your hair and will deep cleanse, densify and protect your colour.

Volumizing Conditioner comes in to make detangling a breeze, restores body and promotes volume. This conditioner features musk rose oil, which is slightly astringent and hydrates and soothes while centifolia rose water helps to fortify, soften and moisturise, as well as featuring antioxidant properties.Crown’s Director of Colour Kathy gilbert loves the smoothing qualities of this conditioner.

“The astringent qualities of the conditioner mean that the cuticle is smoothed down without weight and the hydration is light, giving fine hair great buoyancy,” explains Kathy.

Finally, the Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water is comprised of 96% rose water, and gives long lasting volume, as well as a gorgeous rose fragrance that will ensure everyone will want to stop and the smell the roses… being you, of course! Apply to roots and ends before styling towel dried or dried hair; for extra va-va-voom, flip hair upside down to blow dry.

“If you use this on your roots instead of conditioner and keep the conditioner just for the ends of the hair, you’ll get ultimate volume with smooth ends.You can even apply the mist in the shower to your roots, rinse and then re-apply to towel dried hair at the roots before drying” says Kathy.

You can purchase the Rose Volumizing Pack from Crown Hair for $66.00 each. Perfect alternative to a bunch of roses this Valentines Day!

Sources: Christophe Robin, Instagram