Put the (Khair)pep in your step!

Crown hair are truly passionate about being able to bring you, our dear clients products that are moving, shaking and challenging the status quo. Without any further ado, allow Crown to introduce Khairpep..

What is Khairpep? The origins of the product began with Dr Artur Cavaco-Paulo and a team of European researchers. While working to save and recover ancient tapestries, the researchers stumbled across a long-chain peptide that could penetrate and rebuild the tapestry fibres. Fast forward to 2015, and researchers found that for the first time, a oglio peptide could penetrate human hair.

Further research followed, and K18Peptide was born – the first oglio peptide that can penetrate the hair and permanently repair bonds.

What does this mean for your hair? Khairpep is clinically proven to add strength to your hair. Hair that had been bleached eight times was treated with Khairpep and hair strength increased by up to 85%. Repeated applications saw hair strength increase an additional 41%.

So how does the science apply to my hair, we hear you ask? It’s simple!

Crown hair is proud to stock both the Khairpep Masque and Serum. If you’re looking for detangling, moisture infusion and smoothing, the masque would be best suited, while the shorter, finer haired folk among us would reach for the serum to add body and texture. If you want to inject a one-two punch into medium to long hair, use the masque and serum together to give body at the roots and detangle the ends with ease.

Want to know more? Be sure to ask the Crown hair team at your next appointment!

(Image source: Khairpep Australia Instagram)