Join The Nude Revolution

Rather than whipping off your clothes and getting around in your birthday suit, we here at Crown Hair are all about the concept of nude hair! Christophe Robin’s range of Hair Finishing Lotions are formulated with the concept of nude hair in mind, and we think this is our kind of revolution. The range was created with the restorative and regenerative properties of vinegar in mind.

Christophe blog 1Born from several consultations with nutritionists, Christophe Robin noted that a common thread among them was the recommendation of consuming vinegar and water each day. Of course, vinegar has had a long history in the medical and beauty realms and it was this history that prompted further study and the eventual birth of Christophe Robin’s range of Botanical Vinegars.

Christophe Robin developed these products with the values of ‘nude hair’ in mind. These values meant coming back to the natural texture of your hair, light and free hair that moves naturally and stays cleaner for longer.

Christophe Blog 2Three vinegars make up the range – Hair Finish Lotion with fruit vinegar is effective in restoring weakened blonde hair and breathes life back into dull, lifeless hair.

Those looking for restoration, remove impurities and restore shine ought to reach for the Hair Finish Lotion with Hibiscus vinegar whilst the Hair Finish Lotion with sage will soothe itchy scalps.

Mark Jones, Director of Styling at Crown Hair explains that whilst the range has a multitude of benefits on your hair, the vinegars can be used on the body as well.

Christophe Blog 3“It’s a nude range. It’s not meant to be a styling product, but it’s meant to assist in prolonging blow dries, it dissolves lime scale, sebum residues and it’s great to spray on after you’ve had a colour.

“I think all three of them can be used as a moisturiser too, and it also fortifies your nails,” says Mark.


Director of Colour Kathy gilbert agrees the ranges are exceptional all rounders.

“For people with itchy scalps, the Hair Finish Lotion with sage is the one for you,” says Kathy.

“People with these types of scalp problems tend to over wash, so this is a helpful product to soothe itchy scalps and remove the necessity to wash so their scalp feels more comfortable.”

If you’re looking to join the nude hair revolution, ask one of our stylists about Christophe Robin’s range of Hair Finishing Lotions next time you visit us! You can also see more about Christophe Robin here

And finally, a safe and Happy Easter from everyone at Crown Hair! Please note we are closed Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, and resume trade as normal on Tuesday, April 18th.

Image Credits: All images are courtesy of @christopherobinparis Instagram.