Curls Get The Girls

Can we get an amen for the curly-haired guys and girls in the house? Crown Hair is loving the new Curl Revive by Wendy Iles! Read on to find out more about why we’re loving this addition to the Iles shelf at Crown Hair

Keeping your curls looking nourished and well loved can be difficult at the best of times. Enter Curl Revive. How to get the best of this new addition? Shampoo and condition with Iles Formula, combing the conditioner from the roots to the ends. When rinsed, don’t give your hair any excuse to add friction and avoid towel drying. Instead, squeeze water out with your hands or The Iles Turban is perfect for eliminating friction and static! Spray your hair liberally with Curl Revive, then leave to dry naturally or diffuse dry. Voila – your curls have been given some serious TLC, Iles Formula style.

Curl Revive is available at Crown Hair now; be sure to ask the team more about how to use Curl Revive for your hair.

Image credit: Iles Formula Instagram