Winter Is Here…

Winter has well and truly fallen, and Crown Hair is feeling the chill. As with summer, winter can bring a host of hair challenges that whilst temporary, are simple enough to navigate. Check out Crown’s top picks to have in your bathroom this winter season. 

Hydration, hydration, hydration Crown can’t stress the need for adequate hair hydration in winter! The cooler temperatures mean hair that is prone to dryness, can suffer. Pour some love into hair affected by winter dryness with Christophe Robin’s hydrating Santal Cream. Featuring Sandalwood, Santal Cream is a great option for hydrating wind blown hair and will help prevent breakage and split ends. Other nourishing options include the Iles Formula Masque which will deliver a sucker punch of hydration. Ingredients such as tucuma butter, vitamin E and nut oils will keep your hair happy and hydrated through the cooler months. Other goodies that will help you through the chill are Christophe Robin’s Lemon Cleansing Mask – an all rounder that promotes gentle cleansing and nourishment in one powerful package. For best results, use with it’s product pal Lavender Oil. Crown would be remiss to leave Olaplex #6 off this list. You can read more about Olaplex #6 here, although ICYMI, the sixth step in the Olaplex range is designed to hydrate, nourish and protect hair, helping to eliminate the dreaded winter frizz. You heard it here first!

Skin Deep It should come as absolutely no secret Crown Hair advocate the use of Hydroskin for skin that sings with happiness! Crown loves the Salt Scrub with Alaea Red Clay. This scrub is perfect for the cooler months to promote smooth and bright skin as it detoxifies and purifies dull skin. Crown’s Director of Colour and Hydroskin lover Kathy gilbert also recommends the Manuka Honey Mask. Containing 50% New Zealand sourced Manuka Honey as well as Hyaluronic Acid, you can expect a serious injection of hydration to your skin. Particularly important in the drier months, the mask can also be used to soothe dry lips and under eye area. Kathy also loves Hydroskin’s Nail Oil to ensure hydration and care from top to bottom!

If you’re feeling the effects of winter, and not just withdrawing from beach days and long summer nights, then be sure to ask your stylist or colourist for options to keep your hair looking beautiful this winter.

(photo credit: Christophe Robin Instagram)