What’s In A Dry Shampoo?

Crown Hair doesn’t need to tell anyone twice that a good dry shampoo can take you from woe to let’s go in a matter of sprays. Crown also doesn’t need to tell anyone that the range of dry shampoo’s from R+Co are held close to our hearts. But are all dry shampoos created equal? Not quite. R+Co have recently rated their dry shampoos, read on for more!

Badlands There’s a good reason Crown Hair sells Badlands before it even hits the shelves! A dry shampoo paste, Badlands absorbs oil, boosts texture and nicknamed by R+Co as the Ultimate Bad Ass in the Dry Shampoo family. Perfect for adding second day texture, Badlands will add life to your blow dry or give serious volumizing texture. Rock n Roll!

Skyline So fresh, so clean! Here is a dry shampoo for the ultimate just-hopped-out-of-the-shower feel. Perfect for gym goers or blow dry queens looking for that extra day, Skyline is the dry shampoo powder of your dreams. Featuring Jojoba Seed Oil, which promotes a healthy scalp environment, Skyline is an ideal addition to your gym or work bag.

Death Valley This is a best seller with very good reason! For unbeatable volume, body and oil absorption, look no further than Death Valley. If achieving big hair is a priority, then spray no further than Death Valley.


Spiritualized It’s no secret how much Crown’s Senior Hairdresser Sophie and Principal Stylist Bond love Spiritualized! In fact, you can read more about that here. Spiritualized’s power comes in its micellar mist formula. Leaving no powdery residue, and working to soothe dry or itchy scalps, this dry shampoo mist cleanses and helps removes build up. Another perfect pick for gym bunnies and peeps on the go!

Want to know more about what would be a good pick for you? Contact us here, or ask the Crown Hair team next time you’re in for your appointment!

Image Credit: R+Co Australia Instagram