To colour, or not to colour?

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and sometimes, a whole new look can factor into the budget a bit more easily than a trip to Europe (hold that Aperol Spritz!) Here at Crown Hair, the client comes first.

Crimg_3864aeating a style that works for you not only aesthetically, but that works into your lifestyle and budget must always be factored in when planning an overhaul of your look.

Paolo Rossi, Crown’s Principal Stylist says that communication is of the utmost importance when it comes to planning a whole new look.

“People that are wanting to experiment and try something new, like a colour change or even just changing hairdressers, we think it’s best for them to come in and have a consultation and meet us, see the salon and see what’s realistic,” Paolo explains.

Whilst in depth soul searching isn’t exactly necessary for changing your hair colour, Paolo says that sometimes re-inventing the wheel isn’t always the best choice. “It depends why you’re changing the colour. Sometimes it’s best to step back and just think why am I doing this?  What works for me? Sometimes people come in blonde and say, ‘It’s a new year, I want to go brown,’ when they   already look great blonde.

Maybe we can steer your colour in a different direction without having to drastically go so far away from what you’ve got, so if you do change your mind, it won’t take so long to go back to where you’ve gone. “

Keratin with Crown Hair SydneySophie Mosca, Crown’s stylist agrees that communication with your stylist is key to achieving the look you want, and gathering compliments rather than raised eyebrows.  “It’s about having the right conversation (with your stylist), so you’re both on the same page and so you will both expect to see the same result at the end of your appointment” says Sophie.

Not sure where to even start? Paolo suggests finding some references to bring along as a starting point to your consultation, while Sophie emphasises that finding a style with the right level of maintenance for your lifestyle will make a world of difference to both your wallet and your mood.

Come in and have a chat to our stylists – we can’t wait to meet you!