The millions of reasons why we love ghd

We have always loved, used and highly recommended ghd for dryers and heat styling but now we have 19,000,000 more reasons to love them as they push past the tricky conversation of the effects of chemo on hair and raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

you-are-not-defined-by-your-hairUnfortunately, cancer is a part of our every day life. Over the years we have helped many clients with their hair post chemotherapy and why we were so pleased to hear about ghd’s latest education and styling videos aptly titled: You are not defined by your hair.

“ghd has always been excellent for their education” says Crown’s Director of Styling, Mark Jones, “When it comes to using heat for styling and the effects of heat and hair they’ve definitely got the best research behind them. They were the originals and their research is beyond reproach. They are constantly updating and upgrading. You just can’t fault them”.

ghd-pink-productsThrough the sales of their Electric Pink styling tools, ghd is raising money for Australia’s largest breast cancer charity, The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Their mission: To raise $20 million dollars – and they’re close making it.

“We love this whole campaign and are right behind it” says Crown’s Senior Stylist, Paolo Rossi. “This is a cause that is close to our hearts and ghd is our choice for heat styling tools so it’s a no brainer really”.

ghdThe Crown Team are all about keeping the integrity of hair and ghd is first class in its technology around protecting hair when styling. Heat can be incredibly damaging for hair and heat damage is one of the hardest things to repair.

“We see firsthand the effects of people blow drying or straightening hair with inferior tools but with ghd a lot of thought has gone in to maintaining the condition of hair” explained Paolo.

“The tools have a safer for hair heat from root to tip which means you can travel over the hair maybe once or twice rather than going over six or seven times to get the desired result.

They really are at the forefront of heat and hair care. I love them for that and for their incredible support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Crown Team are proudly selling pink ghd styling tools as part of their curated product range and are really happy to show you how to use them, safely and effectively.