The Blow Dry Bible

While there are fewer feelings more luxurious than stepping out with a fresh blow dry, being able to replicate the same look at home can be somewhat tricky. Well, dear readers, allow us to give you the tools you need to create a salon-perfect blow dry at home!

Crown Hair’s Senior Stylist Sophie Mosca likes to prepare with Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner, due to it’s heat protecting qualities, which she explains is great for blowdrying. Sophie’s ultimate must-have for blow-dries? A good brush.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 5.35.50 pm“If you want to be able to blow dry your own hair at home, I think one secret is to have a YS Park brush. This is definitely one of the tools I can’t live without. The brushes are amazing because they have both natural and nylon bristles that work together to create tension, resulting in a smooth, shiny finish. These brushes create a beautiful finish without burning or stressing out your hair,” explains Sophie.  And to finish? “I love Iles Serum to finish, it creates a silky, soft finish that looks polished”.


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 7.29.14 PMCrown Hair’s Junior Stylist Diana Jalo keeps R+Co’s Outer Space Fleible HairSpray on hand to give her blow dries a flawless finish. “This is one of my must-haves, this hairspray provides flexible hold without making hair stiff or crunchy and is great for all hair types,” explains Diana.

How to keep your beautiful blow dry alive? Crown’s Senior Assistant Antonia Calabrese loves R+Co’s Death Valley, which works to provide texture for hair that needs a little extra oomph, as well as a dry shampoo to give your blow dry longevity.


MasksNow you’ve got the tools on hand to create a salon worthy blow dry at home, keeping your safe is a must if you’re using heat regularly.  Sophie recommends Alfaparf’s Thermal Heat Protector Spray or Alfaparf Split Ends Recovery Fluid.


“The Recovery Fluid is great to leave in the ends of all hair types, but especially dry hair to put some moisture back in” says Sophie.

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Image Credit: R+Co Australia