Crown Hair is a Sustainable Salon

We are so excited to share that Crown Hair is a sustainable salon meaning we now recycle 95% of our waste thanks to Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA).

Crown Team is SustainablePaul Frasca, the very passionate co-founder of SSA, came in to Crown last week to set us up and tell us the hows and whys of Sustainable Salons and the real difference we are making by using their service.

“My partner, who has a background in sustainability and I, a hairdresser, set out on a mission about six years ago to study hairdressing waste.  We collected and studied rubbish from 160 salons across Sydney and discovered a hell of a lot of problems.

We discovered that the Australian hairdressing industry was sending 1,500 tons of recyclable aluminium back to landfill each year. That’s one and a half million kilos of aluminium wasted just from foiling hair plus there was another 500,000 kilos from colour tubes.

That was when we realised we could afford to start something because aluminium is like gold; it’s a valuable metal, so we got to work recycling and reselling to fund a program”.  

no foil in our soilThis was how the business Refoil was born in 2012 which ultimately funded the comprehensive resource recovery service: Sustainable Salons Australia.

Now with these recycling systems in place Crown Hair’s waste will be contributing to our world rather than contaminating it. Whats more amazing about Sustainable Salons is that 100% of everything that comes out of their specialised bins goes back into local community and charitable programs.

OzHarvest-LogoFor example, every kilo of recycled aluminium helps Oz Harvest fund four meals for the homeless, ponytails go to Variety the Children’s Charity to provide wigs to children with alopecia, and cut hair is being used to absorb oil spills along the Australian coast. They are even funding a University student to research hair as a resource for recovery but also as a building resource, taking hairdressing to the forefront of sustainable industries.

“Knowing that every cut and colour we do matters has really motivated us” shared Crown’s Director of Styling, Mark Jones.

“We love, love, love the social responsibility aspect of Sustainable Salons and being part of an initiative that makes a difference on so many levels. The response from clients so far has been really supportive and been very happy to donate $2.00 to help with the ongoing service”.

“The thing is the hairdressing industry really needs to take action now to take care of the environment as much as they take care of clients” says Paul.

“The Crown team really care about making their salon as eco-friendly as possible and we are so glad we can offer them that sustainable solution. By joining Sustainable Salons Australia, Crown Hair now shares our goal of zero waste that will have a positive outcome for future generations, the environment, and our industry as a whole”.