Summer Colour Culture

We know you’re all over how to protect your skin during summer but what about your hair care during those sunny, hot, peak UV months we love so much?

Colour and style by Crown Hair“The UV levels in Australia can be really damaging to our hair” explained Kathy, Crown’s Director of Colour. “and all those increased outdoor activities, like swimming or regular morning jogs, increase the exposure your hair has to strong light that can quickly fade colour molecules without protection”.

The good news is that daily sun protection for your hair is as easy as washing it for example, all R+Co shampoos and conditioners in Crown’s product range have a heat tool protectant and UV sunscreen included.

For the beach goers, we highly recommend you throw a bottle of Redken’s Radiant 10 Treatment Spray into the beach bag. It is an excellent conditioning spray that comes with a SPF and UV filter. Anyone who is outside regularly will find this product indispensable. Think of it like a sun block for hair that you can pop on towel dried before styling, or poolside/ beachside, just like a sunscreen.

christophe-robin-chic-copperTo combat hair colour fade, superstar French hair colourist, Christophe Robin, has created a specialist range of nutritive hair masks with additional colour reflects that both nourish the quality of the hair and extend the top notes of your colour.

“I love Christophe Robin’s products. Like the team at Crown Hair, he is all about delivering the best possible result while keeping hair healthy.

Christophe Robin does something for hair with natural ingredients that nobody else seems to be able to do. For example, the quality of hair pigment in these take home Shade Variation Care Masks, compared with similar products on the market, is far superior. It doesn’t build up or change the intended colour. The
Baby Blonde keeps the tones of blonde clean; the Chic Red is great in the way it reinstates the richness of copper tones whilst the Ash Brown gives cool ash tones to brunettes that can go rusty in the sun.

This latest cover of RUSSH mag is exactly how we imagine our clients enjoying summer… Photographer: Elina Kerchicheva, Stylist: Bridie Gilbert, Model: Valery Kaufman, Hair: Mr Alexandrycosta, Makeup: williambartelmakeup

The masks really work well in between salon visits for extending the vibrancy and stability of colour. You can use it once a week for great results. From my point of view, as the Director of Colour, Christophe Robin is my hero product.”

Kathy’s going to talk a lot more about Christophe Robin next week when she shares about her latest trip to Paris where she met up with her daughter, Bridie.