The all styling R+Co

We love our product range and make no apologies for how much we bang on about it. Every single product we use has been selected for a specific purpose and does something like no other.

For Crown’s
Director of Colour, the products Kathy rely on focuses on leaving hair in the best possible condition.

RCo_March2016For our Director of Styling, Mark Jones, however, it’s all about R+Co.

“R+Co is all about styling and so far ahead of the game. It’s a small US company run by three guys who are so passionate about styling and because they are hairdressers, session stylists and business owners, they have a great understanding for what is needed. There’s a really great connection between this brand and stylists – it’s essentially hairdressers talking to hairdressers about hairdressing”.

Because styling hair is not only about what you put in the hair after a wash, a significant part of the R+Co range is in shampoos and conditioners.

“R+Co has a broad selection of shampoos and conditioners and each of them are very specific and do exactly what they say they will without weighing hair down; they leave room to add your styling product”.

“R+Co’s shampoos and conditioners go from least moisture to most moisture, but they’re not actually moisturising. The least moisturising is called Dallas and you can just use the shampoo alone to get your volume. If you just shampooed with Dallas and nothing else, it would stand up a little bit more. It’s quite amazing. Then at the other end is the most moisturising shampoo called Atlantis”.

oblivion-shampoo-consumer-pdp-03-04-16New to the range is Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo and Restorative Gel Conditioner which arrived in the salon a week ago.  As always, the Crown team tries out the products before introducing them to clients. Here’s what Hairdresser, Sophie Mosca  thinks of the new combo.

“It’s nice to have a clarifying shampoo in the R+Co range. I think it was needed. This is specifically designed to cleanse which might sound funny because shampoos are suppose to clean however this doesn’t do anything else in terms of putting in extras like moisture or adding a styling aid. It simply lathers up and makes hair squeaky clean. This will be great for people with a buildup of oil or residue from a styling product or colour. It’s also good for swimmers as it removes chlorine”. 

The conditioner is a gel which makes it feel different but it’s made of three oils that are about internally nourishing the hair whilst not weighing it down, you end up with light, easy to comb, soft hair that is being nourished from within”.

Crown's Curls - R+Co TwisterThere are also two after wash styling products we’re trying out by R+Co called Twister and Pinstripe. Twister is a lightweight primer for styling super curly hair without crunch and Pinstripe is a seriously good detangling spray for unmanageable or dry hair and especially great for unmanageable kids hair.

Just like the rest of R+Co products these are suited to very specific hair types and conditions which means once you’ve found the right one you’ll no longer need that handful of products to achieve a look.

Stay tuned for our Twister and Pinstripe looks on Crown’s Instagram like this one by our star Apprentice, Antonia Calabrese.