Papa Don’t Preach

Father’s Day is fast approaching. If you haven’t managed to organise a gift for Dad just yet, don’t fret, Crown hair have got you covered. Check out our gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day!

Choose Christophe.. Crown hair loves that there is something for just about everyone when it comes to Christophe Robin. The Cleansing Thickening Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Tahitian Algae will help strengthen thinning hair and promote fullness at the roots. Featuring pure rassoul clay, Dad can expect a cleaner scalp, as well as fullness and body. If your Dad loves to hit the gym, or keeps active, then Christophe’s Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera is an excellent all rounder. Perfect for hair and body, it’s an ideal addition to any gym bag!

V is for V76 If your Dad likes to keep well groomed, with minimal fuss, then Crown hair has got the perfect gift for you! V76 by Vaughn Tonic Hair and Scalp soothes the scalp with teatree and juniper oil, and is a perfect primer for styling, or refreshing styling during the day.  Add either a Molding Paste for flexible hold with a satin finish, or a Crown favourite; the V Rated Natural Wax, for light shine, soft hold and natural movement.

Still not sure? We know; gift giving can get tough! Why not book Dad in for a haircut with Principal Stylist Bond or Junior Stylist Diana; if Dad is thinking of covering up his greys; book him in for a Redken Colour Camo, designed to minimise the contrast of pigmented and non-pigmented (read: grey) hair. Don’t forget;  Crown hair gift vouchers are always a winner! Ask us for more information next time you drop in, or call us on 9331 7771.

In the spirit of Father’s Day, the Crown hair team have shared some of their favourite memories of their dad’s and their grooming routines… enjoy!

Kathy Gilbert “My Dad had the most strong and willful hair. When cut short it stood straight on end. He would get his hair cut always at the nearest barbershop. Every haircut was a new revelation- NOT always good! He regarded presentation as important. He was always clean shaven.”
Mark Jones “When I was young, once a month Dad and I would go together to the barber. To get there, we would walk together across London Fields up to Mare St. They would sit us side by side, me sitting on top of a plank of wood that was put across the chair to prop me up higher.”
Ruby Keeler-Milne “One time when I was about 3, my parents were invited to a ‘pink’ theme birthday. My dad being someone who likes to go all out decided that he would spray paint his hair pink outside. Safe to say his hair was pink for the remainder of the month and so was half of our backyard, I think mum is still recovering from that.”
Diana Jalo “My dad was always my adventure man, he had an afro back in the day too. We’d always travel up to the blue mountains, we would go to the zoo and the aquarium and go for bike rides. He always had an outdoors-y activity for us to do. He was also the one to teach me to ride a bike, drive a car and how to care for animals, (we shared a love for animals). I remember I bought an abandoned kitten home and he was the first to say we should keep it, and showed me how to care for it with food, attention and even how to carry it.”
Antonia Calabrese Toni’s dad John had a long mullet with natural curls. Before he married her mum Grace, he had golden streaks, but her mum made him get rid of the look when they got together! 
Sophie Mosca “My dad is my biggest fan and one of my best clients! I love cutting his hair and keeping him well groomed! and also being able to talk him into a little sneaky non permanent colour.”
Bond Forbes-Rorie “Dad doesn’t do too much grooming these days, he doesn’t have enough hair! But when he was younger he cared a lot more about the way he looked.. On his wedding day, along with the 70’s rock god hair, he had an outfit change between ceremony and reception and turned up to the reception in a flared Canadian tuxedo (double denim number).”