Our Story

FB_CROWN_2014_HR_021It’s hard to pinpoint just where we began, because we’ve known each other and worked together on and off for around 20 years. If pressed we might say it started with a quiet after work drink at the Albury in the 90s.

MJ: “Back then I was cutting at Garland and Garland in Paddington, which was raw and loud and outrageous, and Kathy was a colourist up at Antony Whitaker in Woollahra – very stylish and polished. Very different places, but what they had in common was a real wealth of experience”.

KG: “They were exciting and innovative places to be. And it grew from there”.

Since those heady days, we have honed our crafts at some of Sydney’s edgiest and most beautiful hairdressing salons. Our paths crossed and crossed again as we grew into our careers, and in 2011 we knew it was time to do our own thing.