New In: Hydroskin

Crown Hair are firm believers in looking after yourself with the best possible ingredients from top to toe. Which is why when we saw our friends at Hydroskin launched a new Nail Oil, we had to have it!

What is Nail Oil? Good question, dear reader. If you suffer from brittle, broken nails that are prone to cracking or peeling, Nail Oil is here for you!

According to the good folks at Hydroskin, exposure to water is the number one cause of dry, damaged and brittle nails.

Featuring Calendula, Jojoba and Cucumber Oil, regular use will deliver results to damaged nails. Jojoba Oil works as a waterproofing agent to protect your nails, while the Calendula and Cucumber oils feature amino acids and vitamins to soften your nail and cuticle bed.

Simply brush the oil onto your cuticles, nails and nail bed, and massage in. Repeat 2-3 times daily – emerge with nourished digits!


What else is new in Hydroskin? Lucky you asked! Crown Hair was thrilled when Hydroskin dropped their new Vitamin A Serum!

A great tool to have in your skin care kit, Vitamin A is an anti-ageing solider you need by your side. To break it down, Vitamin A will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, defend against thinning skin, promote even skin tone and stimulate collagen production. It’s active ingredient, Hydroxpinacolone Retinate (don’t say it five times fast…) is a new form of Vitamin A, less irritating and non-prescription.

You can pick up Nail Oil and Vitamin Serum from Crown Hair.