I See Red, I See Red, I See Red..

As we move away from the blistering heat of summer and autumn slowly takes hold, Crown Hair have noticed an uptake in hair that reflects the red-toned vibes of the season. Red hair and all the variations in between have featured heavily on our Instagram page of late, and with good reason.

Who says red heads have no souls? Not us! There’s a reason that our flame haired friends are often so striking -red haired people make up 1-2% of the world’s population.

Not to mention the Ancient Greek’s were thought to admire ginger tinged hair, as it was associated with honour and courage. Consider that your fun facts for the day, courtesy of your friends at Crown Hair!

Crown Hair’s Director of Colour Kathy gilbert, who just so happens to fall into that 1-2 percentile, has a few tips to keeping your red hair, natural or created in top condition.

Sophie Copper HairIf you’re wanting to go red, Kathy advises that having hair in good condition to begin with is a must, as red tends to fade with the elements, particularly weather and climate.

“Of course in Australia, that’s our biggest issue, people going for runs, going for swims, just being in the outdoors. It’s about using products that are particularly colour safe,” explains Kathy.

To counteract being in the elements Kathy recommends a product with UVA/UVB protection – Redken’s Radiant 10 works like a sunblock for hair.

“When people use (Radiant 10), we really see distinctively how their colour fades between visits”.

Red Hair BlogKathy also recommends Christophe Robin’s Regenerating Finishing Lotion. The lotion contains Hibiscus Vinegar, which will protect the condition of your hair post colour.

“That is basically a leave-in treatment spray that also protects the condition. Christophe Robin also has a hair variation treatment mask that has red in it, a coppery red, so it just depends on the customer,” explains Kathy.

From Alfaparf, Crown Hair has a new range called Pigments, which allows you to choose your shampoo and conditioner based on your hair needs – shine, hydration or a treatment for repair.

Pigment can be added so that our colourists can customise the right shampoo and conditioner for you to use at home.

Kathy explains that whilst being able to maintain your hair with a product like Pigments can be beneficial, she strongly believes that getting the colour right from the beginning is extremely important.

Red Hair Blog 2“We’re more focused on getting the right colour in the beginning, because the condition is really good, and we can teach people to protect their hair from losing colour. Much more so than just adding colour on top of it; sometimes it’s just good to have those products for the last few weeks before your hair appointment” says Kathy. How to go about achieving the perfect tint of red? Kathy says it’s all in your skin.

“The thing about beautiful reds is getting the shade right for your skin tone. Some people will definitely suit those coppery/ yellow/orange reds, and other people will be more suited to mahogany which is more of a ‘red-red’”

“Occasionally, and we don’t see this that often in Australia, is eastern European yellow based skin, which often suits a very violet red. They’re the three red types. There’s usually a red for most people. The only people that never really suit a red are people that have too much of a ruddy complexion.”

How will you know if your red is right? Your eyes and skin will do the talking!

Go forth, and tint yourself tomato!

Photo’s are courtesy of Crown Hair, and Crown Hair Instagram @crowndarlinghurst. 

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