Extend Yourself

Hands up if you’ve ever considered having hair extensions? Well wonder no more, because Crown’s Junior Stylist Diana Jalo has you covered. Hair extensions can do more than just provide Rapunzel style length, read on to find out more.

Diana has steadily established herself as Crown Hair’s in house Keratin Queen, and is now building on becoming our hair extension go-to.

Crown Hair now has Showpony hair extensions available as part of our styling repertoire, and the possibilities are endless.


Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.23.22 pm“I like Showpony extensions because they sit nice and flat to the scalp, so they’re seamless. They can enhance your natural hair without making it look like you have extensions, and they’re made from 100 per cent real hair,” says Diana.

She adds, “Extensions will help with filling in breakage around the front of the hair, adding volume as well as length. We use tape extensions, so there’s no heat used, they’re more economic and they cause less damage to the hair”.

Crown’s Senior Stylist Sophie Mosca explains that her Showpony extensions helped give some extra body to her hair, and she loves the way they lie flat to her scalp, staying discreet!


Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.22.12 pmDiana explains, “For Sophie, I used the minimum amount of extensions, and it gave a strong effect. Less is more when it comes to tapes, but of course this comes down to the effect you want. It’s a great way to enhance what you’ve got.”

How do you get started?

“Consultation is always important. This allows us to match your colour, and to assess how much you’ll need for your hair or the effect you’re looking for.,” says Diana.

Want to know more? Contact us on 02 9331 7771 to book your consultation.