Crown’s Salon Star Treatments

Check out this beautiful hair by our Junior Stylist, Diana Jalo.

This is exactly the kind of stunning result you can expect after a Keratin treatment. Of course the client was delighted – maybe as much as Diana.

“I just love how Keratin works. It really makes hair management easy. Clients are always thrilled with the look when they walk out of the salon but when they really fall in love with it is in the weeks after when they are blow drying less and their hair isn’t a mess, it’s amazing”.

Speaking of amazing, Diana also did this rocking braid on the weekend. Isn’t it great? She really is the salon star when it comes to hair braiding.

Did you know we offer braiding as an alternative to a blow dry to our clients? It’s hugely popular for clients having an Olaplex treatment because you can leave Olaplex treatment in, even overnight, for a better outcome.

Unlike Keratin which treats the outside layer of the hair cuticle, Olaplex works from the inside to restore broken and damaged hair bonds. It’s a ground breaking treatment that the Crown Team use almost daily.  Kathy, Crown’s Director of Colour, is a huge fan. Here’s what she said about her experience of Olaplex in a post recently “… with Olaplex we can do so much more to hair while protecting it. ..It’s has taken the possibilities of what we can do to a whole new level because we can reinstate the stability of the hair over and over as we do more”.

And if you want to hear more Keratin, we talked all about the wonders of this smooth operator, and the science behind it here.

Diana, by the way, is available for treatments, cuts, and rocking braids from Tuesday through to Saturday.