Be part of the Silverati…

Silver haired dames and gents, your time has come to shine. Literally! Crown Hair has discovered Silverati, the new shampoo and conditioner from one our dearly loved ranges, Oribe.

SilveratiOribe (pronounced “Or-Bay”) has long provided the stylists at Crown Hair with innovative solutions to maintain beautifully coloured and textured hair – it’s kind of their thing. When Silverati landed in salon, it was hard to contain to contain our delight – believe us!

What is Silverati? In a nutshell, shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for grey and white strands. This means that dullness and yellow tones for the silver foxes among us are naught but a memory. It’s a blend of blue and silver pigments that work to keep dreaded dullness at bay.

Oribe 2While Silverati is busily brightening and eliminating dullness, it also works to provide deep conditioning to dry, ageing hair. Using European Fir Extract means protection against pollution and free radical damage is all happening when you suds up using this shampoo and conditioner. Certainly something to think about when you’re humming and rinsing in the shower.

If you’ve recently boarded the blonde train, on the cooler side of the spectrum, perhaps as an ashy or platinum blonde it’s definitely worth dropping Silverati into the conversation with your colourist at your next appointment.

Crown Hair’s Senior Stylist Sophie Mosca uses Silverati on hair tones other than silver to great effect. “I like Silverati because it leaves a shiny, shimmering gloss effect on hair,” says Sophie.

 “I can use it on different hair colours and still reap the same benefits. For example, I’ve found it’s good for blondes who like to keep a cool tone in their hair.”
Free of sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride, Silverati not only helps you “stay sterling”, it’s colour and keratin safe too. Winner!
Image Credit: Oribe Instagram