Alpha Keratin – The Smooth Operator 

Spring is a blooming humid time of year many welcome with open hot irons but there is a protein found in hair that offers a far better solution to straightening or taming frizz called Alpha Keratin.

Crown Hair Directors, Kathy and Mark, recently had the team meet with a leading Keratin instructor from AlfaParf to perfect their technique in Keratin application and understand the science behind it.
Alpha Keratin is a protein found in hair that protects cells from damage or stress and clever scientists have managed to bottle it as a treatment. The result is a truly unique solution
to a common problem.

keratin-traningTypically this is a treatment used to straighten and often recommended for unruly, corrugated hair that goes fluffy or frizzy but for those with hair that always feels a little undone or unpolished, this treatment can also be a game changer.

“The exact science behind it is similar to the chemistry behind a colour in that every minute of the processing time is there for a reason and each element has a purpose. Mess with it and you run the risk of under processing or worse damaging the hair”.

In terms of maintaining the integrity of the hair Keratin is great. It works purely on the top cuticle layer of the hair, sealing scales that have lifted and filling in the gaps that have chipped out. It does this in a way that is long lasting but without negative build up, so you can still colour over the top and do other treatments.

Keratin hasn’t always had a great rep due to its earliest versions containing high levels of formaldehyde. Even though this something that was eliminated from the product a long time ago clients are still understandably wary.

Keratin with Crown Hair Sydney“Science has evolved and the AlfaParf treatments we use are paraben and formaldehyde free. Like all our products and treatments they are the best possible quality, safe, and do exactly what they claim”.

“If you want smooth, tangle free, hair that looks polished and shiny without a great deal of effort on your part, book in for a Keratin treatment. It’s long lasting and kind of life changing. It can even tame a cow lick!”