Wrap Me Up Tight

Just when you thought Iles Formula (the glorious 3-step system brought to you by Wendy Iles) couldn’t bring you anything more life changing… hold the shampoo because here it is! Crown Hair dropped the Hair Turban Towels by Iles recently and to say the Crown Hair team are in love is an understatement.

Drying your hair with a towel is all well and good, although when you can add an extra element of luxe and TLC to a seemingly ordinary task, Crown Hair is here for it! The Iles Formula Hair Turban towels are designed to remove excess water from your hair and are a great way to dry hair after the gym or swimming. Your hair will be dried quickly; the turbans are designed to minimise frizz, and reduce static and breakage. Perfect for curly hair or thick hair, the Hair Turbans come in a re-sealable biodegradable bag that are easy to slip into your beach or gym bag. Treat yourself, you know you want to!

The Iles Formula Hair Turbans come in White or Grey, available for $34.00 at Crown Hair.