Stop It, We’re Blushing…

You make us Blush! Crown Hair just can’t enough of Blush by David Mallett, which has recently dropped on the Crown shelves… read on to find out more about what’s been giving us a rosy glow

It’s no secret Crown Hair have been long standing fans of David Mallett. The Australian born, Paris based stylist’s range gives you the right products to be able to create fresh-out-of-the-salon hair at home, and we at Crown Hair just can’t get enough.

Enter Blush. If you’ve suffered green tinged tresses from chlorine or colour fading, then listen up.

Blush by David Mallett works to neutralise and camouflage these undesirable green tints, increase shine and protect your colour. Lightly scented with rhubarb and with tomato and raspberry extracts for that beautiful blush colour, Blush works to help heal stressed out hair, and revitalise colours that have seen better days.

As an added element of fun, lightly spray blush into blonde hair and work in for a fun, marshmallow pink effect. It will wash out, so no need to panic about accidentally staining your hair!

Want to know more about how to use Blush, or if it’s right for you? Drop in and visit us at Crown Hair!