Quick Snips: Meet Diana!

Welcome to Quick Snips, where we take 5 minutes with one of our Crown Hair stylists to pick their brains and find out what makes them tick (or indeed, snip). Meet Diana Jalo, our Junior Stylist!

What inspired you to get into hair? Fashion and style have always been something I’ve been interested in, and as I got older I started to express that through hair. I always felt hair was a great way of self expression and it can say a lot about a person.

keratin-traning-2You’re about to qualify as a hairdresser, and leave the world of apprenticeships behind. What are you most looking forward to? What I’m most looking forward to is being able to work more independently, and be able to have more creative license in the looks I create. I’m definitely interested in cutting most, and I am really interested in branching out to Afro hair techniques/styling .

What has been your most valuable lesson through your apprenticeship? My most valuable lesson in being an apprentice would have to be that you’re always improving and sometimes you don’t notice just how much until you look back and see how far you’ve come. I’ve also learned that mistakes are a way of self improvement and you build resilience through learning by your mistakes.

christmas-at-crown-hair-teamWhat do you enjoy most about working with Crown Hair? What I love about Crown is the support I get from the team. I really value my colleague’s opinions. Also the standards and values that Crown holds really make sense to me, for example – giving customers the best service possible, using products in the best way possible and creating lasting results

Are there any stylists you look to for inspiration? Kathy and Mark amaze me in the way that the look and think about hair and how much knowledge they have. My favourite stylist is Angelo Seminara. The things he does to hair make me completely rethink ways of going about hair. I would love to create something as amazing as he does.

Top 3 can’t live without products? Royal Blowout by Oribe because it has made it so easy for curly haired girls to have hair feel silky and not so stiff. Badlands by R+Co because that gives amazing instant volume like no other product I’ve seen before and Alfaparf’s Moisture Split Ends Recovery Fluid because it makes hair feel moisturised and soft

hair-braidsBraiding is a serious speciality of yours. Are you self taught? I am self-taught at braiding. People have tried to teach me and I just didn’t get it. I kept watching people until one day I just sat down and said I’m going to keep practicing until I get it…

What are your favourite looks in hair at the moment?  I love the way a classic fade looks with Afro hair. I take a lot of inspiration from African men’s cuts and styles.