Quick Snips: Meet Crown’s Front of House!

Welcome to our latest edition of Quick Snips! This week, we sit down with the Front of House team at Crown Hair. Ariel and Marissa are the team that keep the phones answered, our much loved clients comfortable and the good times flowing. Enjoy!

Ariel Hair BlogARIEL: Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less? I’m just a gal living in a non-binary world. When I’m not working the desk at Crown, I’m studying counselling, making crafts and costumes, exploring introspective narrative and learning to understand the subconscious realm. I’m all about fluidity and emotional expression in everything I do…and of course getting down for a good boogie!

Favourite part of the job? I think my favourite part of the job is the more mundane parts…I really love spacial organisation and finding space for everything in the schedule. Aside than the actual work though, the best thing about working at Crown is the family vibe that carries through the team. I really feel like I belong here and it’s so nice to feel congruent within myself and my values while I’m at work.

Worst hair moment in your life so far? Probably in Year 8 at school when I cut my pigtails off one day and gave myself a terrible pixie/bob thing. I thought it was amazing at the time, but…it wasn’t. Haha!

Marissa BlogMARISSA: Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less? A complete goofball, I find it hard not to crack a  joke given the opportunity. When I’m not working the desk at Crown Hair, you can usually find me in a few different places. Being taken for a walk by my dog, dancing/headbanging/shoulder shuffling… any kind of dancing really.


Favourite part of the job? The clients! I love meeting new people and ensuring they enjoy their time at the salon, whether that’s settling them in with a cup of tea and good selection of magazines or having a chat. I also like being involved behind the scenes with blogging, marketing and discovering as much as I can about the services we provide at the salon.

Worst hair moment in your life so far? Oh my goodness, where to even start. There have been some serious clangers! Dying my naturally fair hair jet black out of a supermarket box and running out of colour halfway through or allowing someone I had only just met to bleach the ends of my hair in my friend’s lounge room was another standout moment..