What Price Can You Put On Fabulous?

It’s no news story that Crown Hair take great pride in our carefully curated selection of products for you, our dear clients. So when one of our favourite brands David Mallett brought out not one, not two but THREE fabulous new products to add our shelves – who were we to say no?!

David Mallett’s range No.3 La Couleur is designed with coloured hair in mind. As we all know (and if you don’t, listen up!), coloured hair is already exposed to the elements (hello, sun damage), smoke and pollutants. This can lead to breakage, damage and compromise to your fabulous colour.

Enter; La Couleur. Each product in the range is lightly scented with rhubarb, and features a range of ingredients to protect the integrity of your hair and your colour.

The range was developed with the goal to eliminate harsh chemicals, and so the shampoo and mask available at Crown is paraben and sulphate free – winning.

The Colour Protection Shampoo features active ingredients such as raspberry vinegar and organic tomato extract; the shampoo works to deliver firmness and structure, without weighing down the hair, and helping the longevity of your colour.

The Colour Protection Mask seals the hair cuticles to restore the pH balance of your hair (thanks to the raspberry vinegar), and works with the shampoo to keep your colour looking as though you left the salon yesterday.

Need a little extra sparkle in your life? Allow us, with great excitement to introduce.. Gold Dust! You may all be acquainted with David Mallett’s Volume Powder (TLDR: made with Bamboo extract to create effortless tousled hair, offering perfect volume and spring)…now meet Gold Dust. Essentially the fabulous, glitter infused version of the beloved Volume Powder, Gold Dust is simply a must have for special occasions or to add a little je ne sais qoui to your hair for a night out! Whilst a little pricier than it’s brother Volume Powder, what price can you put on fabulous?!

As always, be sure to ask in salon for more information on the new David Mallett range..