Feeling Spiritual?

Crown Hair’s Senior Hairdresser Sophie and Principal Stylist Bond have both been loving the arrival of Spiritualized by R+Co; here’s why they’ve been loving this new arrival to Crown Hair!

Dry shampoo is no mystery to anyone, and it is a great way to boost volume, add an extra day to your blow dry or freshen up sweaty hair after working out. Here at Crown Hair, R+Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo continues to be a firm favourite among our stylists and our beloved clients alike, although we simply can’t get enough of Spiritualized.

What is it, you ask?

Working as a dry shampoo mist, Spiritualized’s micellar formula helps to remove build up, soothes itchy or dry scalps and leaves no powdery residue. Blow dry it in or add to dry hair.

“I like using Spiritualized because it gives hair the dry shampoo feel without the aerosol grit some dry shampoo’s can give,” explains Bond.

“I love Spiritualized because I always push my blow dry to the last day. Spraying Spiritualized absorbs oil and freshens my hair. It’s not unlike a dry shampoo; and it doesn’t dry out the scalp” says Sophie.

Want to get in touch with your Spiritual side? Come and find it on the shelves at Crown Hair..

Image credit: Instagram R+Co Australia