Crown Hair News

Crown Hair have been thrilled to take part in some exciting new launches from our beloved clients and neighbours. Nadine Ingram of Flour and Stone has recently launched her first cook book , and long time client Joke Van De Flier debuts her wearable jewellery collection at the Strand Arcade’s Courtesy of The Artist.

Crown Hair have scarcely been able to say no to the cakes and delectable baked goods from Riley St institution Flour and Stone. Nadine has recently launched her next labour of love, and collected some of her best known and loved recipes from Flour and Stone and developed them for the at-home baker.

Available for you to own now, you can find out more information on how to get your copy here.

Kathy and Mark recently attended the launch of Joke Van DeFlier’s exhibition of wearable jewellery, ‘To Wear Or Not To Wear’. The exhibition is on at the Strand Arcade until October 5th, hosted by Courtesy of The Artist. Joke has ..”created a unique collection of necklaces, where she has merged bold and timeless design with old world beads collected throughout her lifetime”.

Crown wishes both Nadine and Joke all the best in their respective launches – want more information? Ask us next time you visit!

Image credits: Joke Van De Flier Instagram, Flour and Stone Instagram)