Best Of The Rest: Goodbye, Winter!

As the last of the winter chill slowly starts to fade away, we can’t wait to see what the warmer months bring. Other than sunshine, longer days and dips in the ocean, of course…Here were a few of our favourite things from August – see you later, winter!

Icy blonde

Blonde Ambition Crown Hair loves this bleach blonde beauty created by Director of Colour Kathy gilbert. Using Olaplex and Iles Formula to maintain healthy hair and maintain integrity, being blonde needs tender loving care.  Maintenance is key to keeping your blonde locks fabulous rather than fried. Don’t hesitate to ask our colourists for the best ways to keep your blonde well maintained.



BloomsBloomin’ Marvelous Who says Spring time should get all the glory when it comes to flowers?! Not us! Providing a cornucopia of winter blooms, Grandiflora kept the winter blahs away from Crown Hair. These beautiful orchids only needed a weekly lick of H20, and remained a beautiful fixture in the salon, framed by their Dinosaur Designs vase.




Before and AfterCool Collaborations Director of Colour Kathy and Senior Stylist Sophie Mosca worked together to create a harmonious cut and colour for a client looking to freshen up her look. Crown Hair believes the relationship between the cut and colour must be one that works in cohesion, and Kathy loves the collaborative process of creating a colour that works with the clients hair style.



VictoriaHey, Teacher… Crown Hair was excited to host the Whittemore House hair painting education session. Lead by Whittemore House Salon co-owner and co-creator of Whittemore House Hair Painting bleach Victoria Hunter, the day was incredibly valuable. Attended by some of Sydney’s finest talent in hair colouring, the session also sparked discussion on the current landscape of hair colouring, and the impact of social media on the hairdressing industry. You can read more about the day here


As we round that corner of the year that means Christmas is ever-so close, don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your cut or colour before the end of the year!